Denis Burkitt - an eminent British surgeon, who’s helped thousands of patients return to health, because he knew why people get sick...

"People become ill because of toxins and heavy metals in their food, air, and water"

How you can help yourself and your family: just like 155 000 other people, drink these natural seeds 2x daily — recommended by Dr Burkitt, to remove kilos of deposits and regain your health

You don't usually pay attention to this fact, but every day you take in an enormous dose of toxins
and heavy metals.
You absorb them together with the air, your food and water.

It's no surprise that the air here is some of the worst in Europe, which directly affects you and your family (studies conducted in 2016 by the World Health Organisation: link to the results of the studies).

Most people don't realise what an enormous amount of heavy metals and residues, invisible to the naked eye, make their way into the body nearly 24 hours a day.

You may not be able to see it, but I assure you that it's happening.

What's the simplest way to prove this without using a microscope?

The best proof is by observing your body after eating beets. After eating beets is your urine reddish coloured?

If so, you have reason to feel alarmed, because it means that your intestines are porous (source: Michał Tombak, How to Live a Long and Healthy Life, Serwis Galaktyka, 2008)

You should know that if they let not only beets pass through, but also toxins and other poisonous substances, then living in such dangerous conditions has an unbelievably negative effect on your health, well-being and comfort.

Especially nowadays, when the topic of unhealthy lifestyles and fast food is on so many people's minds.

Many people don't even care. They think they're immortal, that illness doesn't affect them - others think that they still have time.

Just think about what you eat and drink. A heavy supper, irregular meals, fizzy drinks, sweets and candy bars which temporarily kill your hunger. Add to this stress and hurry.

The symptoms of toxin poisoning

A lifestyle like this leads to unpleasant problems. Gas, flatulence, diarrhoea, fatigue, a cold every other week, skin rashes. Breath which isn't fresh. And those stubborn extra kilos.

And what's more, painful stomach aches when you least expect it. No verve for anything, mood swings. These are the initial symptoms of toxin poisoning.

Processed foods which you eat every day cause indigestion. And the undigested bits of food that you eat collect in your intestines, where they rot and create toxic deposits. Bacteria poison your internal organs, and can lead to serious health problems.

Seriously, parasites have killed more people than all wars in human
    history - National Geographic

I'll tell you something.

A few days ago, my friend bought a kilo of carrots at the supermarket. After two days, all the carrots were black and rotten. Take a look at the picture. Look familiar?

"What is going on?" he asked me in surprise.

It's simple.

The producers and the supermarkets are counting on the highest possible profits, which is why you take home carrots stuffed with fertilizers and chemical products.

Just imagine that nowadays in fruit, for example in an orange, there are far fewer vitamins than there used to be. (Pesticides, preservatives, flavour enhancers, in other words poison in ever increasing doses)

With each passing year, fruit and vegetables are worse and worse quality, so instead of treating yourself to a solid dose of vitamins and minerals, you are bombarded with toxins.

Mix this together with polluted air, and you get a weakened immune system resulting in dangerous illnesses with tumours in the number one spot.

An epidemic of cancer

I don't know if you know, but at one time there were far fewer cancers - just 100 years ago only 1 in 10 people experienced cancer, while in the 60s that number had already risen to 3 in 10. Now it's 1 in 4, and things can only get worse. According to the latest forecasts of the World Health Organization, cancer rates will rise to 75% (link to report).

And you know what the worst thing is? Poisoning yourself with toxins doesn't hurt.

Toxins and food deposits accumulate in your body over a period of years, and when your body can't handle them anymore, then it becomes ill.

Genes have nothing to do with it. Everybody is at risk.

"Few people know that in the average adult, the large intestine contains from 8 to 15 kg of faecalith, solid faecal matter that you may carry with you your entire life. Usually, by the age of 40, the large intestine is so full of this matter that it begins to take up space intended for other organs, interfering with the work of the liver, kidneys and lungs.

This is the essential root of many illnesses." - Michał Tombak

What you doctor won't tell you

Illness begins in the intestines.

This truth was revealed by the Russian Nobel prize winner for Medicine, Élie Metchnikoff, who conducted numerous studies on the immune system.

On a day-to-day basis, you probably don't give it much though, but your digestive system (especially your intestines) is the 'sewage system' of your body. If you want to maintain good health, then cleanse your internal systems regularly.

When your body is healthy, it can cleanse and regenerate itself. But often due to overeating food which is full of preservatives and chemicals, because of hurry and stress, it can't manage by itself, and that's when we need to give it a hand to avoid becoming ill.

"Everything which gets into your body must come out one way or another, but until that time it may spend years rotting and creating a breeding ground for disease, or even be the cause of death." - Daniel Reid

Tablets won't take care of things. You go to the doctor and get pills, ones which often mask the symptoms but don't eliminate the cause.

You get an antibiotic for a cough which goes away, but the chemicals from the pills leave poisonous toxins which in the future cause other problems.

You take away the cough, but the cause of the illness remains. It's a vicious circle.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to convince you to stop going to the doctor, I'm just saying that the most important thing is natural protection of your body from problems.

Turn back your life calendar

It turns out that the passage of time can be naturally reversed. Turn back the clock on years of neglect and a bad lifestyle. Protect yourself naturally from toxins and strengthen your immune system.

It's called internal hygiene.

You brush your teeth, you have a shower, you take care of your external hygiene, but what about your internal hygiene? You don't see what's inside, so you don't worry about it.

That's not unusual.

It's only when the first symptoms of trouble show up that you realise that something has got to change.

Internal hygiene is the best way to stimulate your immune system to stop disease and health problems.

So if you think that life without health problems is a fairytale, then try cleansing your body.

Why is it that some groups of people get ill so rarely?

You might be interested to know that there are groups of people who become ill far less frequently than others. For example, Israelis. Try Googling the statistics for cancer among Israelis or Hindus. They're among the lowest in the world.

Ask anyone who's been in Israel and they'll tell you that there are practically no overweight people there.

Have you heard about long-lived Japanese or Chinese people?

In a certain province in China it's forbidden to wish someone 100 years of life on their birthday, because too many people live to be 100 or more.

There are lots more examples, but they all have one thing in common.

  1. Cleanse your body systematically.
  2. Preventive healthcare.
  3. Nature and avoiding chemicals in the air, food and water.

The immune system has a hard time working in today's environment - that's why I'll teach you how to be healthy and protect your immune system.

Cleanse your body naturally

You've probably heard of different methods of cleansing your body. But be careful of most of them - they're often filled with chemicals which cause side effects.

Have you heard of the system that involves an unpleasant enema each day? That's one way.

The second way is the much, much nicer diet. But a diet requires sacrifice, and even one which is selected by a dietitian might not bring the results you expect. Plus, you often experience the yo-yo effect. It's the same with fasting.

All of these methods are ancient history.

There is a much nicer and easier method. One which is much more effective and more importantly one which works.

This is what you have to do:

Drink Primvital Fibre every day with fresh water, it will flush out all the deposits
and toxins from your intestines.
Even those which have been there for years.

It's the best system for cleansing your body known. Why?

Primvital Fibre contains 2 natural ingredients, rich in nutrients, which flush out everything that's clinging to the insides of your intestines.

This effect happens because the Fibre seeds have been carefully selected by dietitians after months of testing.

In short, specialists have rejected what doesn't work, and chosen the most effective proportions available on this website.

How does cleansing work and what are the effects

You take a measuring spoon.

You sprinkle a 2-ingredient mixture into a glass of water, you drink, and there you go.

From that moment on, you're cleansing your body of toxins and deposits.

It usually starts with pleasant changes:

  • You have fresh breath in the morning.
  • You use the WC daily and systematically eject what has been poisoning you from inside.
  • Gas and flatulence disappear.
  • Since you're eliminating toxins, fatigue disappears and your general condition improves.
  • You have more energy and you don't artificial support like coffee.
  • And a nice surprise awaits when you weigh yourself.

Of course not after just one day, but after a longer treatment you'll see how the kilos melt away.

    It's all thanks to your excellent metabolism, ehanced by your consumption of Primvital Fibre.

  • And don't forget about natural protection from free radicals.

The antioxidant power of Primvital Fibre neutralises free radicals before
they reach your cells and weaken them.

  • Moreover, your body works more efficiently every day.

Imagine how much will change in your life. In a healthy body, no illness will even dare to develop.

The benefits just keep coming. You'll see for yourself, when your body rebuilds what toxins have taken away.

* But remember that if you have problems with your health, it's always wise to consult a qualified doctor. The results presented here may vary from user to user.

And now for the best part: these seeds are completely natural.

What does this mean for you?

Pills and antibiotics are poisoning your body.

They give you the temporary illusion of improvement, but in reality they're destroying you from the inside.

Primvital Fibre comes straight from Mother Nature and is free of any "chemical additives".

You'll notice this in particular when you open up a package and see it first hand.

You'll see nature in all its glory.

Healthy, pure, fresh seeds. Just think how much Nature beats chemical pills.

Primvital Fibre affects your entire body.

It will make it more efficient, bit by bit, each day by a few percent. It will clean out the junk, the toxins and parasites.

You'll cleanse your body of garbage that's been collecting there for years.

You remove the internal dirt from your digestive system (including remains from hard-to-digest meals).

You'll find the real opinions of people who have cleansed their bodies with Primvital Fibre to the right >>>

Does it really work?

Legend has it that the Aztecs used just one spoonful of these seeds to give them strength to march for 24 hours without stopping.

Thanks to regular consumption of Primvital Fibre, your internal system will start to transform the food you eat into useful energy more quickly. That means that you can eat less to satisfy your daily requirements for calories.

The swelling Fibre seeds will give you a feeling of being full after your first use.

They make their way deep into your body, pushing out the residues deposited there.

As a result your wolfish appetite will disappear and you will no longer feel the need to nibble on sweets and other snacks during the day.

Working out the proper proportions for our formula took many months.

Dietitians composed the final mixture using the finest natural ingredients (tested and purified) in proportions which guarantee the maximum effect.

And that's exactly what makes Primvital Fibre a mixture which beats all other methods and fibres available on the market in terms of effectiveness.

The Machine The ingredients must be properly prepared before they find themselves in your glass.

The seeds we use for Primvital Fibre are first placed in a modern machine which purifies the mixture of all defects.

Next the seeds and husks are mixed in the proper proportions by dietary specialists.

Finally, you enjoy a fresh, effective, and safe portion.

This is crucial, because there are mixtures available on the market of doubtful effectiveness. As a rule, these are seeds with defects, not purified, with a low swelling index.

Careful! When you ingest ingredients like these, you risk experiencing side effects (and in cheap untested seeds you might even find insect larvae, among other things).

Most fibres taste like water mixed with flour. A hard to swallow mixture, only for tough guys.

The cheapest, low quality seeds only worsen things, instead of improving the situation. It's just like with fruit. Would you buy strawberries that were grown alongside a high-traffic road?

The secret to fibre's effectiveness

Primvital Fibre is completely different. Delicate, neutral in taste, and easy to drink.

And most of all natural (BIO, EKO).

It's composed of 80% psyllium seeds (Plantago psyllium) and 20% plantago husks (Plantago ovata).

Plantago psyllium is an annual plant, known for centuries in the Mediterranean basin. It is difficult to find in this country.

The psyllium used for Primvital Fibre is of a better quality than other psylliums.

Its swelling index for the year 2016 is 13-15, while other psylliums are in the range of 10-12.

In layman's terms, the swelling index shows how many times the psyllium increases its volume in the stomach after having been eaten.

It's simple: the higher the index, the better.

And the better it swells, the more effectively it cleanses our intestines and helps them function.

Supervision of the plantago plantations where Primvital Fibre sources its ingredients is 24 hours a day.

A reputable herbal supplier delivers the sowing seeds, and offers advice on cultivation and food production safety.

You'll be interested to know that original Primvital Fibre from Mapa Zdrowia has been available on the market since 2007.

If it were of worse quality, it could never have lasted that long. It would not have thousands of satisfied customers.

So don't take chances with other low quality fibres, that just doesn't work.

It's like with vitamin C.

The absorption rate of some cheap vitamins in a tube is low, and few people know that there are vitamins out there which are definitely better, ones that have absorption rates which are several times higher.

The better the absorption rate, the more nutrients reach your body.

The same is true for fibre. Choose the most effective and reliable source.

Primvital Fibre from Mapa Zdrowia is a top-shelf product. Even under a microscope you won't find anything unhealthy in it. That's why it's so healthy and why it works so well.

It has undergone specialist testing for purity and composition (conducted by, among others, Agrolab from Dęblin - link to studies). It has mild action and does not cause side effects.

According to our customers, it's much more effective than traditional fibre.

This unique mixture contains as much as 73 grams of fibre per 100 grams of product.

That's an absolute record for natural supplements, not to mention among natural food products (for instance, bran contains only 48 g of fibre per 100 g of product).

It beats other popular cleansing methods hands down, for example, fasting, which causes various side effects such as weakness, feelings of low well-being, the yo-yo effect, etc).

It's a product which has been tested by 155 000 people, one which can help with the effects of even the unhealthiest of lifestyles.

See the opinion of Sara from London

Click to show english transcription of the video »


Hear the opinion of a well-known dietitian

Primvital Fibre is a concentrated source of dietary fibre, one of the more important substances to be found in food products, and one which is often missing in our diets.

Its ingredients are two natural herbal substances, with a proven positive influence on health.

Plantago psyllium seeds and plantago ovata husks are an excellent treatment for constipation, haemorrhoids, or high cholesterol levels.

These herbs also help lose weight and restrain excessive appetite.

A lack of dietary fibre can cause an increase in the occurrence of certain diseases, such as tumours of the large intestine, gall stones, obesity, arteriosclerosis, and diverticulitis.

I can recommend Primvital Fibre from Mapa Zdrowia
bought from this website.

Joanna Grzymisławska, Dietitian

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

Natural toxin eliminator

A portion of Primvital Fibre taken before a meal reduces appetite, gives a feeling of satiety
and cleanses the intestines

Drink these seeds regularly, twice a day, until the package is all gone.

And there's one more thing.

Also drink 1.5 litres of still water daily. The combination of water and Primvital Fibre will accelerate the "flushing" of your body by several times.

Primvital Fibre can be used without concern on a daily basis, but remember that if your intestines are blocked, if you suffer from diabetes, or from pathological stenosis of the intestinal tract, certain contraindications may exist.

So if you suffer from any kind of serious condition, make sure to consult your doctor before using Primvital Fibre just to be on the safe side.

Is this really for me?


  • you eat only natural foods,
  • you are not overweight and do not have problems with your metabolism,
  • you do not experience mood swings,
  • you are never exposed to automotive exhaust fumes,
  • you don't smoke and don't drink alcohol,
  • your life is stress-free ...

then it's highly likely that this Fibre is not for you.

In any other case, start your treatment as soon as possible.

You've got so much to gain and you risk nothing.

Why do I say you risk nothing?

Because you're protected by a special 90-day guarantee on Primvital Fibre.

Use it every day and observe the effects.

If you're not satisfied, write to us or call and you'll receive a full refund.

No one gives a guarantee like that - no one except Mapa Zdrowia, of course (we're a renowned Polish brand).

Seems fair, doesn't it?

Superfoods - Primvital Fibre


price 29.99 GBP

Give your body a makeover and return the natural peace of mind and health that you deserve.

We are born naturally healthy and untouched by the influence of corrupting factors.

As a result of development - both our own and that of the world around us - we become a part of our surroundings, including their toxic elements, and we absorb it all, both the bad and the good.

These states of toxicity are maintained within us, often leading to illness, aches and pain.

You know that this is not the life that we were created to live. You know that it is difficult to lead a full life in conditions like this, to find fulfilment, to dream grand dreams.

You don't need to use expensive elixirs just to feel good. You don't need to spend a fortune. You don't need to pay what famous actors pay for their treatments. Now, you can achieve the same effects for the price of ... a pair of jeans.

You can cleanse your body for as little as 0.99 GBP a day. A large package is enough for an entire month.

Of course, if you want you can delay and do nothing. You can ignore my warning.
You can passively accept the devastation that is being sown throughout your poisoned body.

You can wait and give yourself over to expensive pills which will wreak havoc with their side effects.
Even these pills are often unable to change anything; it's simply too late.

OR: You can cleanse your body painlessly and see real effects in real time. REAL EFFECTS.
Because Mother Nature only delivers real effects. Trust her.

If you feel that Primvital Fibre is for you - place your order now and collect your cleansing treatment.

Would you like to order your original Primvital Fibre right now, when a fresh delivery has just arrived?

We'll send your package tomorrow and within 2-5 days at the latest you can begin
a natural treatment to cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals:

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Original Primvital Fibre contains unique proportions of two herbal ingredients, cultivated
in the best areas of the Kuyavian region of Poland and in India.

Treated with carbon dioxide instead of the toxic methyl bromide used in most supplements - and what's more, the knowledge of experts available to our customers - health advice plus dietary care for the entire period of use.

You are ordering a fully nutritional natural product - treated with a unique purification technology. This process is too costly for the manufacturers of cheap fibre supplements.

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Latest discoveries


Latest opinions

Primvital Fibre works*

"I must have tried seven different fibre supplements. I was so determined to get results that I even exceeded the recommended daily doses by as much as three times.

Of course, I was careful to drink enough water.

After using each supplement, my bowel movements were a bit larger, but nothing else.

It was only when I drank a glass of Primvital Fibre that I felt real changes


I used exactly the prescribed amount.

The next day I visited the WC four times. Primvital Fibre has no equal."

Artur Zygmunt, entrepreneur

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

I’ve cleansed my body*

I’d had colon problems for a very long time. I started using Primvital Fibre two years ago.

I took Primvital Fibre twice a day. After about 2 weeks I felt that my gut had started healing up.

After a month it got even better, the pain had gone and my bowel movements became more regular.

Eating my usual food I lost a few pounds in two months.

With every month passing by I felt my colon was better and better and I forgot about my previous health problems.

I am now completely sure. Primvital Fibre made my colon healthy again!!!

Andrzej Krzymowski

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

How I've cleansed my body*

“I’ve tried out many supplements including different fibre brands available in pharmacies. Unfortunately they didn’t work for me.

When I started taking Primvital Fibre...

I felt the results as early as one week after. I decided to continue with it for the next three months.”

Krystyna, 52 years old

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

I haven’t been so happy for a long time*


I know, I was also skeptic about such letters and opinions. However, I tested it on myself, I called my friends, who had similar problems.

Finally I decided to post this opinion, because you should share good things and the good always COMES BACK.

Just like that.


* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

I need it everyday*

I’ve been using the Primvital Fibre for over six months and I know I can’t stop here.

Body detoxification came after a few days and the feeling was wonderful.

Of course the beet test was successful.

Thanks to the Primvital Fibre you can change that and lose some extra weight in the same time.

Now I always order a big pack, not to risk any interruptions in my treatment.

I could really recommend it to everyone.

B. Reniszewska

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

I couldn't believe the results I saw after using Primvital Fibre (...)*

I bought the fibre mainly to lower my cholesterol and regulate my blood pressure.

I started my treatment on 8 January 2013.

Before starting, I tested my cholesterol levels.

After three weeks of using Primvital Fibre, I had myself tested again, and I couldn't believe that they could be so good simply by using Primvital Fibre.

I didn't take any medication for cholesterol or blood pressure.

"(...) and more importantly, my blood pressure normalised (130/90). Currently I take Primvital Fibre as a preventive measure twice a day, and I am very satisfied."

Jan, 52 years old, Marki

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

Primvital Fibre works*

I went to various doctors, spent lots of money on drugs and nothing could help me.

At last I started to search the Web and found you. I read about the Primvital Fibre and bought it.

I told my doctor that I found something like this and asked him if there are no contraindications to use the fibre.

My doctor said: „Where have you bought this? Give me the address, please!

You see, if I could put the Primvital Fibre in my prescriptions, I would do that, because there are no good fibre drugs available in the pharmacies.”

Leszek, 59 years old

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

My cholesterol level dropped significantly*

My results have improved: the doctor surprised me by saying that my cholesterol levels and the level of toxic substances in my blood had dropped significantly.

Bożena Kogowska, Sierpc

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

"I was surprised..."*

Astonishingly the product quickly stopped my constipation. It also put an end to my bloating, heartburn, bad breath and pain in the liver ...

I was surprised at how well it worked.

Wojciech Michalczyk, 68 years old

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

This fibre is different from all the others sold in herbal shops*

My adventure with Primvital Fibre has been going on for some time now.

I order it systematically and I can agree with the majority opinion here about the high quality of Primvital products (I also buy Lignan Primvital).

A few days ago, during a conversation with my nephew about fibre, he claimed that it can be bought much cheaper.

I explained to him that this fibre is different from the kind sold in herbal shops.

He asked me for a few spoonfuls of Primvital Fibre to test its properties in laboratory conditions (he's a student of Chemistry at university, with a specialisation in Dietary Sciences).

After a few days, I received a text message from Matthew in which he wrote that it was the best fibre that he'd encountered up until now, and that its value was worth its price.

After his message, several people in my family asked me to order a larger amount of Primvital Fibre, which of course I did immediately.

In my case, and in my wife's case, the fibre really delivered the results we were looking for.

Zdzisław Ważny

* The health benefits presented on this website are examples only and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user. Results may vary among individuals.

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